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Thermowrap Australia (now known as TWA Group) was established in 1998 by brothers Damien & Matthew Pitt.   The two brothers with father Max and a couple of staff began insulating tanks for the, at the time, rapidly expanding and vibrant Australian Wine Industry. 

Younger Brother Damien had worked as an employee insulating wine tanks throughout the Barossa Valley when he quickly identified that the demand in Australia for industrial insulation was  increasing and that an opportunity existed.

After a brief family discussion on the 27th July 1998 "Thermowrap Australia" was born.

The Business, along with the industry grew rapidly and within a very short period of time Thermowrap Australia had established itself as the No.1 provider of industrial tank insulation in Australia and New Zealand.

From this point the business naturally progressed into pipe insulation & maintainence.  The next natural progression of the business was into Coolrooms and Transportables and has has grown to not only provide, but be the market leaders in industrial tank, vessel and pipe insulation, all things coolrooms, all things transportable buildings, panel sales, polystyrene sales, pre-insulated tanks, contract beverage storage, second hand stainless steel tank sales, project management & equipment hire.

As a result of the vast array of products and services the business now offers the decision to change the business name to TWA Group took place in 2012.


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